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Dana Tue (Born on November 3, 1985) is a dancer, choreographer, model, actress, producer of numerous artistic brands and the founder and CEO of Gold Events Artistic Production Romania.

Also she is the creator of the revolutionary psycho-social project for the feminism move, empowering women everywhere with a series of motivational videos - LSP Project Community and the founder of the brand-line DARE Kollection by Dana Tue.

Dana Tue is a free spirit, an unusual artist with an unusual artistic vision who is constantly looking for inspiration in people and life. Her artistic projects are not created only for show-entertainment but also for pointing important matters of the modern world, for psycho-social awakening and for the personal development of people.

Beside being an artistic producer, professional dancer and choreographer, model and actress, Dana Tue is also a licensed psychologist. In her creations she's using all the basic concepts from social psychology and personal development science. These projects are meant to make people feel the art in a deep psychological manner and not only for entertainment.

She seeks in every corner of her mind and soul to harmonious perfect the combination of emotion, moment, movement and experience to surprise and fascinate the audience. Starting with the music, the costumes, the elements, the choreography and the scenarios, everything is meticulously prepared so that the final effect will definitely be the sound of applause.



-Between 2000-2004 she studies mathematics & informatics at Theoretical High School Costesti.

-Between 2004-2008 she studies psychology at the State University Pitesti.

-Briefly in 2008-2009 she attended the courses of Integrative Psychotherapy Association.




​-In 2007 she begins her artistic career as a professional dancer.


-In 2008 she becomes part of the professional dancers team Rainbow Show.


-In 2009 she is launching the company Gold Events Artistic Production Romania.

Being based on the unique concept of combining the knowledge gained in psychology with elements of art-work the audience is pleasantly surprised by this new artistic approach.

-Also in 2009, after organizing a two-stages casting, she produces the professional dancers band “Candy Girls”. This was the first Gold Events artistic project and aimed to revolutionize the romanian entertainment through a perfect combination between dance, acrobatics and theater.

Approaching  a range of various styles from brazilian samba and cha-cha to theatrical shows, kama sutra acrobatics and fire shows, Candy Girls was meant to be the most ambitious artistic project in Romania. Behind the band, a whole team consisting of professional choreographers, a theater teacher, a martial art instructor, scenic walk & attitude professionals and make-up artists, was relentlessly working on creating, producing and developing a series of artistic shows meant to break the barriers of any imagination.

Through the perseverance and dedication of this amazing team, Dana Tue managed to create her first artistic project as a professional choreographer and producer - "Hell Show on Halloween" with Candy Girls.

This extremely complex artistic show was created with unique elements like a mobile coffin, metal cages, a burning magic book, chains, swords and fire claws.

With this creation, Dana Tue brings for the first time in Romania a fascinating and aggressive artistic approach on the show-dance entertainment section.

The shocking appearance of the coffin and the metal cages, the incredibly complex script of "The uncrowned king of Blood - Count Dracula" raising from the dead, the chained vampires escaping from the metal cages and fighting for the master's heart, the classical contemporary dance moment that brings a sensitive touch to these strange creatures, the explosive performance with fire elements that "unleash hell", the fierce battle with sharp swords and the surreal "exorcism ritual”, these are just a few of the elements that made this creation an exquisite masterpiece of dance-show entertainment.

Between 2009 and 2011 Dana Tue produced for Candy Girls numerous artistic projects like “Angels and Demons Show”, “Total Domination Show”, “Freak Show”, “Tribal Fire Show”, “Japanese Show”, “Brazilian Show”, “Gipsy Show”, “Bollywood Show”, “Mad Christmas Show”, “Wings Show”, “Police Show”, “Erotic Kama Sutra Show”, “School-Girls Show” etc.

Candy Girls, managed by Dana Tue, had numerous artistic performances all across Romania at private and corporate events.


-In 2011 Dana Tue is dancing again and becomes the founder of Kaya Show Band. The project is a complex artistic combination of classic elements from modern dance, contemporary dance, acrobatic techniques and tribal rituals.

"Basic Instinct Show" is the first project of Dana Tue in Kaya Show.

It’s an artistic revelation, inspired by the mega production "Burn the Floor" from 1999 and by the life of real people in modern society. The project starts from the idea that beyond the silence of the night, beyond the emptiness of the provincial, beyond the urban congestion and civilization, beyond the superficial… one single truth rises above all - the primary instinct. Under a carefully crafted mask for the eyes of the society, there always was and it still is the lively memory of the human primordial origins. Portraying the ancient devouring thirst for power, the animal instincts, the fight for supremacy, the suppression of the prey for survival and the gratification for the perpetuation of species, “Basic Instinct Show” is a sophisticated combination between elements of modern dance, ballroom dance, acting and show-entertainment. The key element that differentiate this creation from others is the image of dropping social roles, prejudices and inhibitions, which are basically limiting and killing the spirit.

“Basic Instinct Show” is exposing the defying of any authority in acts of liberation and emancipation of the human spirit, the animal lust which stuns and absorbs the mental clarity and the moral principles, the universal cult of hunting the prey for survival and the perpetual conflict between generations, transposed in fierce battles for the earning of respect and for the rise in  groups hierarchies. “Basic Instinct Show” is definitely a milestone in Dana Tue’s artistic career through the script depicting the two performers as two characters who, through dance, point to a deep social theme in a complex artistic marathon. Every sound, every image, every movement and every breath on the stage were carefully crafted so people could experience and live a sublime imaginative moment.

Starting from the basics of classical dance and reaching to the most elaborate scenarios, aiming to offer more than a dance-show, Kaya Show was meant to truly be one of the most intense artistic experience ever made in Romania.


-Also in 2011 Dana Tue produces "The Titans Show on Halloween". Famous movie characters come to life in a completely unique artistic show with three of the most fascinating and terrifying figures: - the legendary "The Spartan" from the movie "300", the frightening "The Predator" from the movie "Predator" and the incomparable "The Witch King of Angmar" from the "Lord Of The Rings".

Fighting to conquer the imagination of the audience through explosive appearances of highly realistic costumed characters and by recreating the most representative moments from the films they have established, “The Titans Show” was an artistic creation that astonished even the most skeptical fans.


-Also in 2011 Dana Tue expands her choreographic horizons creating for the first time a male striptease dance-show. The ambitious artistic concept named "Love Soldiers Show" was produced and performed exclusively for the female audience by Funky Boys Strippers.

The project started from the idea that the strength of the soldiers brings to women some kind of sense of emotional security, stimulating their respect and admiration. With their specific stringency and rigor, their sense of honor, duty and patriotism, soldiers always fascinated women. The artistic choreography of “Love Soldiers Show” was based on a complex dance-show inspired from their daily military training and was a tremendous success.

This was only the start for the male striptease shows that followed. In collaboration with Funky Boys Strippers she produced numerous other artistic projects like “Bad Santa Show”, “Women is Power Show”, “Red Show”, “The Wolves Show” etc.

Being managed by Dana Tue, Funky Boys Strippers had hundreds of performances across Romania on Women’s Day - 8 March and private parties like bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate parties and so on.


-Between 2012-2013 Dana Tue adds a new layer to Gold Events Artistic Production Romania and launches K-Dance Company with a series of 15 new artistic brands: “Cabaret Sensation”, “Original Sensation”, “Dance Champions & Exquisite Dance”, “Sensual Balance”, “Fire Champions & Fire Explosion Entertainment”, “Funky Boys & Ladies Entertainment”, “Move Dancers”, “Candy Girls & Sexy Art”, “Shock Magic”, “Fashion Edge” and “Hot Music”.

Each one of these brands had their own artistic unique signature, their own performers team and their own set of artistic projects.

Produced and managed by Dana Tue, these bands of professional entertainers had hundreds of artistic performances all across Romania at private and corporate events.


-In 2014 Kaya Show launches "Burn Them All Tour" with "Fire Champions and Fire Explosion Entertainment". BTA Tour was a national series of events with numerous performances where the fire was integrated as a central element.

The artistic sequence was based on a wide range of pyrotechnics like fire fans, fire torches, fire staff, fire sword, chains with flames, fire pois and fireworks. With the precise movements, the risky moments and the extraordinary coordination of the fire, these elements were merged into various artistic scenarios, designed to create an incendiary atmosphere.


-In 2015 Dana Tue takes a break from performing on the stage, gets involved in numerous social projects, becomes a passionate activist and launches "LSP Project Community”.

Using her knowledge from psychology and her skills as an artist, Dana Tue takes a whole other direction in her career by writing, producing, directing and starring in a series of motivational videos.

LSP was personally inspired by her own experiences as a daughter, as a sister, as a woman, as an artist, as a business woman and generally by the struggles of women in modern society.

Founded with the clear mission of promoting feminism and empowerment of women through art, LSP was an extremely brave project that aimed to change the universal and ancient ideology in which women are placed secondary and don’t have equal rights and freedoms as men. Throughout history, women have always been witnesses to their own minimization in society’s hierarchy. The LSP Project Community is a revolutionary concept designed to balance the precarious situation of women everywhere, to equalize their rights and to reestablish the important role of women in modern society through an artistic campaign.

The LSP Community has now over 10.000 members and it's constantly growing. It sustains all the cases in which women are mistreated or unjustly limited because of their gender. LSP has now many artistic projects that help women everywhere to understand the concept of feminism and this community is continuously encouraging girls to lead and to be proud of their gender.


-Also in 2015 Dana Tue launches her own accessories line “DARE Kollection”.

This is a brand collection of clothes (personalized t-shirts and  caps) and accessories (jewelry and watches) made with love for the worldwide fans of Dana Tue. DARE Kollection's brand image was carefully designed with a scorpion logo that not only expresses power and refinement, but it's also the astrological sign of Dana Tue who is born on 3rd of November. Wearing DARE Kollection items shows a commitment to excellence.


-In 2016 Dana Tue creates the online Facebook Group “The Artist” – a place where people who love art and artists in general can find daily inspiration and beautiful pieces of art-work. The group has now over 80.000 members and it's constantly growing.


-In 2017 Dana Tue is writing, producing, directing and starring in HL Movie.

It is a four parts project - Honesty, Liberation, Healing and Love. These four parts are also split in other short videos and each of the four parts has its own main subject expressed into a visual story about one's experiences in life and love.

“Honesty Project” is based on an individual introspection. It's about having the strength to look deep into oneself, accepting everything one finds within and sharing with the world the most honest and authentic side of the personality.

“Liberation Project” is a tribute to the global feminist movement which helps girls and women around the world to free themselves and fight for the equality of their rights.

“Healing Project” is based on the idea that we all have traumas, we all have been through difficult experiences and we all need to heal those wounds.

“Love” is a complex creation that’s portraying all the possible versions of love. Either it's the love for oneself, the love for nature or the love for God's creation, love was, is and will always be the most powerful feeling there is. Its structure is based on alternating a visual representation of the seven deadly sins from “Dante's Inferno” and the representation of love in all its forms.


-In 2019 Dana Tue is dancing again and launches “The Lions Show Project”.